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World class training for mental health professionals, trusted in the UK by the National Health Service and all the major independent healthcare providers, and internationally in UK, Middle East, and Asia.

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NAFS Academy, How does it work?

NAFS Academy purpose is to provide the best training possible to 'the helping professions': psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, social workers, occupational therapists etc.

Learn from highly experienced clinical and educational psychologists. All these tutors are senior clinicians (mostly consultant psychologists) mostly employed in the UK, Ireland, or Canada. Their area of expertise is in mental health and related fields. We pride ourselves on providing the most interesting, and relevant training, on courses ranging from 1 to 34 days.

  • Adult Mental Health Courses
  • Comprehensive Therapy Training for Children and Adolescents
  • Tailormade approach to your specific needs
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner Level
  • Treat Anxiety, Depression & More
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Children and Young People's Mental Health


Young people need adults around them who can really help
Gain a detailed understanding of mental health conditions so you can offer appropriate support when a young person needs someone to turn too.

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Managing Depression Course


This four week course enables participants to gain an understanding of depression; its causes and symptoms and develop a range of strategies to effectively manage their mood.


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Drugs and Alcohol Training Courses


Drugs and Alcohol training courses will give you the knowledge to recognise substances that are misused and their effects including legal highs, illegal drugs and alcohol. 


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The essence of counselling and psychotherapy is getting better through talking therapy by meeting with a trained professional to help you manage your difficulties and personal issues. If your problems need medication or a specific diagnosis.